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permanent and occasional Members

No Company (or in this case, a private group of enthusiasts) can survive or even doe their job, without a good team! t3.wy Projects is very proud to have such a great group of team members, who are dedicated to getting the job done.

We have researchers, database specialist, Marketing specialists, photographers, translates and proof-readers, and so on. Although we are always looking for volunteers with new and different skills to join us, with the current group we can be sure of descent results!

Please meet the team!

[tabby title=”Marcel”]

Name: Marcel Maessen

Residence: ‘t Veld, The Netherlands

Profession: Independent researcher

Interests: Egypt, Egyptology, Photography, Cats, Dogs, Web design

Work for the foundation: Initiator of the projects, web-design, Webmaster, research, write.

Memberships: Egypt Exploration Society, The International Association of Egyptologists


[tabby title=”Monica”]

Name: Monica Maessen

Residence: ‘t Veld, The Netherlands

Profession: ControllerEmployer: Van Tongeren Kennemer

Interests: Egypt, Egyptology, Photography, Cats, Dogs, Biology, Botany.

Work for the foundation: Chairman of the Foundation, Researcher, Photographer



[tabby title=”Abla”]

Name: Abla el-Bahrawy

Residence: Cairo, Egypt

Profession: Student

Employer: none

Interests: Architecture, Egypt, Egyptology, Family life

Work for the t3.wy Foundation: Researcher, Produce architectural plans of dig houses, English РArabic Translator,

About Abla:

Abla elBahrawy is an architect and researcher from Cairo, Egypt. Her practice oscillates somewhere between architecture, archaeology and art. She was a teaching assistant of architecture and urban design at the German University in Cairo.

She worked as an architect at the German Archaeological Institute in Cairo. Also, she was a core team member of Megawra (The Built Environment Collective), which is a platform for communication and holistic debate between architectural students and practitioners.

Currently, she is a member of the School of Missing Studies at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. Since 2010, Abla has been working on a long-term research project that investigates excavation houses in Luxor and the implications of their traces. Her work includes historical research, architectural documentation and survey, and extends to broader questions about criticalities related to the practice of archaeology and historiography as a whole.

[tabby title=”Lyla”]

Name: Lyla Pinch-Brock

Residence: Canada / FranceProfession: Egyptologist

Employer: Associated with the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada

Interests: Art history, Egyptology

Work for the t3.wy Foundation: Proof-reader, Editor, Researcher



[tabby title=”Raymond”]

Name: Raymond Betz

Residence: Lasne, Belgium

Profession: Retired

Employer: None, self employed

Interests: Egypt, Egyptology, Provence (local History), Passive houses.

Work for the t3.wy Foundation: Researcher and contact between the Foundation and all French speaking parties.