Howard Carter writes to Baron Harold de Bildt.

Dear Howard Carter, Can you do some Lectures?

Letter from Howard Carter to Baron de Bildt


In the years after the discovery of the tomb of ‘Tutankhamen’, Howard Carter gave a lot of lectures, all over the world.

In this letter, Carter responds to a request by (Baron) Harold de Bildt about a series of lectures in Stockholm.




Telegrams LUXOR



January 30th, 1930


To H.E. Harold de Bildt

The Swedisch Minister, Cairo


Dear de Bildt,

Re lectures at Stockholm ; – So many thanks for your letter of Jan.23rd date. I shall be most pleased to give one or more to the to the Swedish-British Society of Stockholm, and would be most grateful if you would be so kind as to convey the same to the President, Admiral Henry Lindberg.

My proposed Lecures will comprise two: ‘The Discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamen,’ and ‘The Royal Burial and contents of the Innermost Chambers’. These I would willingly repeat in accordance to the requirements of the Stockholm Institutions.

I would therefore suggest that the institutions interested should make their arrangements for the same, and fix their dates, whether for public or otherwise, to follow after the 20th of May. On my part I will bring all slides (English size) necessary, but would ask only that a competent operator with adequate lantern be secured.

I am enclosing a letter just received from Dr. Otto Smith, of KarlShamn, Sweden, which ??? appreciate, and to prevent any possible confusion, might I encroach upon your kindness as ask that the contents of this letter be also conveyed to him.

I notice in his letter a mention of halls. Upon such a question it is impossible for me to advise as I do not know the buildings nor their

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qualities with regard to acoustics, but my experience has been that theatres are generally the best.

With regard to period of visit, I should be back in London by the end of the first week in June.


Baron Harold de Bildt of Cairo, Egypt.
Baron Harold de Bildt (Howard Carter)
Baron Harold de Bildt


Baron de Bildt was the district governor nominee of the 83rd District. For fourteen years prior to 1936, Baron de Bildt was the Swedish minister and consul general in Cairo, Egypt. He has been a secretary of the Swedish Foreign Office and of Swedish legations at London, Buenos Aires, and Tokyo. Prior to his service in Egypt, he was counsellor to the Swedish legation in Rome, Italy. In 1938 he was appointed a member of the arbitration board under the Anglo-Egyptian treaty of alliance. He joined the Rotary club of Cairo in 1934 and was both director and president of his club. In addition to his knowledge of Egypt, Baron de Bildt is familiar with life and with Rotary in the Near East.

(From Twenty-Ninth Annual Convention of Rotary International 1938)