Howard Carter letter from 24.5.1900

A letter from Howard Carter to his mother.


A letter from Howard Carter to his mother. 24-05-1900
A letter from Howard Carter to his mother. 24-05-1900

On 24 May 1900, Howard Carter wrote a letter to his mother, in which he referred to his first dig house, which he called “Castle Carter”.

This is only one of many letters, Carter wrote to colleagues, family and friends and gives us an idea of what else was on his mind, besides being Chief Inspector of Antiquities for Upper Egypt.

This letter shows some of his personal interests, such as his animals and his garden.

Luxor. 24.5.1900

My Dear Mater

Thanks for yours of 23. I am so glad you are enjoying yourself & all – Yes your letter found me in my establishment, but tomorrow I must leave it again.

It seems curious to visit Miss Montgomery at Hunstanton.
Hope you remembered me to her. With my regard.

With my new 6/- camera I can perhaps illustrate my letters when I can make time – Here are a few snaps from ‘Carter Castle’ to start with.

“My Play Mates and Messy Mates” – It is a wonder the cook did not put his face out the door at the time – thus exactly opposite you being the kitchen.

The pigeon on the right of the post, on top, is a particular kind, and makes or rather has mournful notes different to ordinary pigeons.

Here is their mansion, in which eggs are laid and quarrels occur. Behind is where the (Greger) lives.

The ladder is for the small ones whose flight is not yet perfect.

This is not unsightly – but an important corner in my abode.

No. 1 is taken on the edge of the verandah.
No. 2 from dining room
No. 3 from my bedroom

– To be continued in my next –

The Nile has risen & now where I used to ride I go by boat.

Between me and Luxor is one sheet of water. Though yesterday was hot, the weather is much cooler.

I am now flooding the garden ready for seeding. I am imagining in different plots, peas – beans, cabbages etc. Ah will it be true”

I am looking forward to those seeds.

Many thanks for the mag: most interesting, with good reproductions of old masters.

Now with love to all


loving Son

Howard Carter

Hugs to the aunts,
kicks to the cat,
steal an apple from the garden
& see what they say to that


"My Play mates & messy mates"
“My Play mates & messy mates”
" Here is their Mansion"
” Here is their Mansion”
"An important corner in my abode"
“An important corner in my abode”

The original letter is in the hands of a private collector, at the moment.
With my eternal gratitude to Lee Young for helping me with the transcription.