Howard Carter letter from 12.9.1900

Howard Carter writes a letter to his mother.

A letter from Howard Carter to his mother. 12-09-1900
A letter from Howard Carter to his mother. 12-09-1900

On 12 September 1900, Howard Carter wrote a letter to his mother, in which he referred to his first dig house, which he called “Castle Carter”.

This is only one of many letters, Carter wrote to colleagues, family and friends and gives us an idea of what he was up to, doing his job as Chief Inspector of Antiquities for Upper Egypt.

It’s only one of two pages, so I wonder what the next page says 🙂



My Dear Mater,

Yesterday I returned from an Inspection up country, at a place called Edfou, with the great pleasure of finding a letter from Mater dated Sept 2nd and also a much needed ½ doz prs of socks that caused great joy – to show my pleasure I work hard and developed photos in the evening, and hence the prints. Tomorrow

I am off again up North, to Esneh and Baliana on Inspection and look into a case between subinspector and guards, either of which having taken palm-oil settlement of some Antiquity land.

Joining other negatives I printed these others which carry on the 2nd Chapter of “Castle Carter”.

Now that the inundation comes up to the desert, beside the garden, The water is carried to it by “Shadoof” & channels that run to each separate basin, The ground being divided into basins to receive the water. But to the kitchen it goes in pails, as per below photo

The Sheikh & Sultan here below send you “neighs” & “salaams” & Prosperous life, with whinnies & licks to the Aunts & All. The stones behind are parts of a large colossal statue at a temple called the Ramesseum, built by Ramesses II in Thebes to appease the gods & give life & his soul to appear & imagine so PTO.

Howard Carter's Autograph

Howard Carter: But to the kitchen it goes in pails
But to the kitchen it goes in pails

Howard Carter: (entrance to sanctuary Edfou)
(entrance to sanctuary Edfou)
Howard Carter Method of watering the garden, called "Shadoof"
Method of watering the garden, called “Shadoof”
Howard Carter: The Sheikh & Sultan
The Sheikh & Sultan

The original letter is in the hands of a private collector, at the moment.
Thanks, Lee Young, for helping me with the transcription.