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Historical Photo Research Preservation Project

Historical Photo Research Preservation Project: What’s that all about?

Over the last two centuries, A lot of Adventurous souls have visited Egypt. A lot of them where very keen on taking home a lasting memory of their visit, resulting in hundreds of thousands of photographs.

With this project, we will try to find archives, containing all those priceless (glass) negatives, slides and photos. Taken of famous landscapes, sceneries and monuments in Egypt.

Discovering, researching, describing and, if necessary, restoring historical photographs and (glass) negatives and slides of Egyptian antiquities will be the main goal of the Historical Photo Research Preservation Project (HPRPP).

Undoubtedly, this will turn out to be a project that will still go on after we have long gone. There are immense archives, located all over the world, still undiscovered or, if we do know there whereabouts, in dire need of restoration and preservation. Obviously, this well take a huge amount funds. Research activities alone should take (us) at least 10 years!

For this, we could do with your financial help!

For the moment, the t3.wy Foundation for Historical Research in Egyptology continues to operate without a guaranteed and steady source of income. It has no endowment to ensure that the decades of work that still need to be carried out will be completed. This is where you can make a difference. Your gift or Financial Support (sponsorship), no matter how big or small, will help us to protect and preserve historically significant pieces of information and present them to current and future generations.

There are currently two ways to (financially) support the t3.wy Foundation:

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