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Georges Daressy sends a letter

In 1889, Georges Daressy wants to send his publication on the mastaba of Mera to the press.

Daressy letter from 1898

Gizah,  26 January 1898

Dear Sir and colleague,

I am returning to you the corrected proofs of part of the notice of Mera’s tomb, intended for the Memoires de l’ Institut Égyptien(1). I would be most obliged if you could have them sent to the printer Holzhansen, in Vienna.

Yours sincerely,

G. Daressy

daressy signature


  1. Le Mastaba de Mera in ‘Mémoires présentés à l’Institut Égyptien, vol.3, pp.521-74; Cairo, 1898.

The letter is currently in the hands of a private collector

Thanks to:

  • Ingeborg Waanders, through whom I received a copy of this letter to publish on this website
  • Sylvie Weens, for translating the letter for me.