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Howard Carter writes to Percy Newberry in 1931

Letter of Howard Carter to Percy Newberry, 17th September 1931 Newberry MSS., and 2 Reproduced with permission of the Griffith Institute, University of Oxford.

Carter writes to Newberry, 1931

In the archives of the Griffith Institute, there is a lot of correspondence between various Egyptologists.

Among their collection, this 1931 letter, written by Howard Carter to Percy Newberry in which he asks Newberry for some information of the Hermitage Collection.

Howard Carter's address in 1931

Sept. 17th 1931


My dear Newberry,

You must be busy preparing to leave for Egypt These days – So I hate to bother you, but have you, perchance, a catalogue of the Egyptian things at the Hermitage, or could you give me any details regarding the finer pieces in the way of Egyptian in that Collection?

I have arranged to leave on the 2nd of Oct. from Venice and shall be if all’s well in Cairo on the 6th.

Best of wishes to your Dear wife


Howard Carter's autograph in 1931