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Letter of Howard Carter to Percy Newberry, 7th April 1892.
Newberry MSS., 2 and 3.
Reproduced with permission of the
Griffith Institute, University of Oxford.


In the archives of the Griffith Institute, there is a lot of correspondence between various Egyptologists.

Among their collection, this 1892 letter, written by Howard Carter to Percy Newberry in which he talks about an interesting stela he found.

Der. Mou.*
Sat. 7 April.

My Dear Newberry,
I received your letter last on April 22nd. And have been waiting to hear from friend mentioned in your last letter, but no letter has come, so I am uncertain as to what to do.

The work is coming to an end now, and we are hard at work packing. I found a very interesting tablet**. With Khuenaten*** seated upon a throne dancing the Queen upon his knee with the two princesses upon her lap. I am sorry to say that the heads are broken off; Petrie says that he does not know of anything like it in Egypt.

I am sorry to say that Petrie has been layed up with a bad foot for this last fortnight unable to get out very far. It is getting very warm now last Saturday and Sunday it was 112 ½˚ it makes one feel very lazy. I think Mr Petrie means to leave on the first week of June.

Hoping you are well
I remain
Truly yours
Autograph of Howard Carter


* Carter is probably referring to Deir Mawas on the opposite bank close to Amarna.

** The tablet Carter refers to is a stela which is now in the Louvre, E 11624

***  Khuenaten was the name used for Akhernaten in those days.