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In 1923, while Howard Carter was in England, his Reis Ahmed sent him a letter, expressing his wish for Carter to come back soon and that all work was being done according to his wishes.

Letter from Reis Ahmed to Howard Carter

Letter from Reis Ahmed to Howard Carter

Kena, Luxor

5th August 1923

Mr Howard Carter Esq.

Honourable Sir,

Beg to write this letter hoping that you are enjoying good health, and ask the almighty to keep you & bring you back to us in Safety.

Beg to inform your Excellency that Store No. 15 is alright, Treasure is alright, the Northern Store is alright. Wadim (?) & House are all alright, & in all your work order is carried on according to you honourable instructions.

Reis Hussein, Gad Hassan, Hussein Awad, Abdel al Ahmed and all the gaffirs of the house beg to send their best regards.

My best regards to your respectable Self, and all members of the Londó family, & to all your friends in England

Longing to your early coming,

Your most obedient Servant

Reis Ahmed Gerigar

With thanks to Lee Young for her help with the transcription.