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Howard Carter gave 24 lectures about King Tut in the US and Canada. He delivered two illustrated Tut lectures at Chicago’s Orchestra Hall on May 21 and 22. Carter met Williams on May 6, 1924, when speaking at Yale, and on June 18, was awarded an honorary degree of Doctor of Science.

Howard Carter accepts an invitation from Yale University Professor F. Well Williams

May 23, 1924


My dear Prof. Williams,

Letters have been chasing me & I have only just received your kind note. I hasten to make amends for delay and to thank Mrs. Williams & you for your kind invitation which I gladly accept and to look forward to coming on the afternoon of the 17th (June), if that will not be an inconvenience to you.

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I can hardly express in words how much I appreciate the honour your university is about to confer on me. My only wish is that I shall be able to do justice to such an honour. Thanking you again including every Regard,

Howard Carter autograph

I will notify you shortly the train—I believe I return from Canada—arriving N. Y. City—on the 16th. H. C.

The letter is currently in the hands of a private collector