Welcome to t3.wy Projects:
Researching the History of Egyptology

t3.wy Projects activities on hold.

The short version:
We will put all activities on hold, for at least one or two years.

The long version:
On can only do the best job possible if one can put enough effort in that job.
We have thought long and hard about whether we should continue our research, articles, website and lectures and everything else that comes with t3.wy Projects and we have decided to put everything on hold for at least one or two years.
 The reason:
We both have very demanding day-time jobs that need our undivided attention and, at the moment, we really need the rest and relaxation that evening hours and weekends bring.
Since there is no chance that Marcel can make a paid, daytime job out of his activities, we had to make a decision.
That decision was to suspend all activities, in favor of our jobs and spare time.
For those of you, who liked to attend our lectures in Egypt and elsewhere in Europe, that also means that there will be no more lectures, the coming years.
The website will be dismantled next week and all work files will be archived.
Our t3.wy Projects Facebook page will stay online and every now and then, we will post an update, when we come across something interesting. Other related Facebook groups will be deleted.
So, for now, We would like to thank you all for your attention, cooperation, hints, tips and whatnot.
Hope you all will join us again at such moment in time, when we decide to pick up things again, where we left off.

Marcel and Monica.