Gaston Maspero writes to Victor Vidal, 1884

In 1884, Gaston Maspero wrote a letter to Vidal (*), in which he reveals a rather painful health problem as well as schedules a meeting.

1884 letter from gaston Maspero to Victor Vidal

My Dear Mr Vidal(1),

It is the beginning of dysentry, which I hope will clear rapidly. I have, however, been suffering from it for four days.

The May session is scheduled for next Friday, as requested by Abbate Pacha(2), unless you object to that date. Regarding sessions, we will hold as many as necessary in order to deal with all the business we have on hand. I have here a few books for the Institute and I am awaiting a few more from Alexandria. Would you be so kind as to arrange for them to be collected next Thursday around 10am.

Yours sincerely,

Gaston Maspero's signature.


  1. Victor Vidal Pacha, secretary general of the Institut Egyptien – later renamed l’Institut d’Égypte
  2. Dr. Abbate Pacha, Vice-President of the Egyptian Institute

The letter is currently in the hands of a private collector

Thanks to:

  • Ingeborg Waanders, through whom I received a copy of this letter to publish on this website
  • Sylvie Weens, for translating the letter for me.
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